Top winter experiences in the Sardona World Heritage Region

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Experience the World Heritage Sardona in its winter dress. The contours of the mountains and the Glarus Thrust are particularly enchanting in winter.


Alpinmuseum Braunwald

Experience the fascination of the Glarus mountains - their nature, their culture, and of course their stories

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Pizol Winter Hike

Experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the Tectonic Arena Sardona on a winter hike.

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World Heritage Sardona Snowshoe Experience

On a wonderful snowshoe tour you will see, understand and be astounded how the Alps were created.

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Let yourself be enchanted by the illuminated cloisters, the pointed arches and the cathedrals made of black slate.

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Visitor Centre Glarus & Elm

Start your journey of discovery into the Sardona World Heritage Site at the Glarnerland Visitor Centre.

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Mels GeoTrail

Travelling along places of stone extraction, glass and iron smelting and prehistoric history.

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Visitor Pavilion Flims

In the visitors' pavilion at the Segneshütte you can find out what the world looked like when the Flims rockslide broke loose and the Glarus overthrust was still active.

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Snowshoe hike Flims

This round hike clearly illustrates how older rocks were pushed over younger ones during the formation of the Alps.

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