Top hikes – UNESCO-Welterbe Tektonikarena Sardona

Top hikes in the Sardona World Heritage Region

Over rough and smooth

The hike turns into an experience: marvel at natural phenomena, listen to the silence and experience something unique – that’s hiking in the World Heritage Sardona.

Sardona World Heritage Trail

Multi-day mountain hike, the Royal Trail of the Sardona World Heritage

The Sardona World Heritage Trail is the backbone of the Sardona Geopark and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is signposted throughout as SchweizMobil-Route Nr. 73 ( SwissMobility Route No. 73). This route from Ziegelbrücke to Flims is designed to allow you to walk from accommodation to accommodation through the heart of the Sardona Geopark and the World Heritage for a week. On the way you will experience landscapes such as the Kerenzerberg along the Mürtschenstock, the Murg lakes, the Mühlebach valley and the Flumserberg, the karst area near the Schils spring, the fossil sites between Schönbühl, Fanser and Laui-Fürggli, the Weisstannen and Calfeisental valleys, the Heubützli and Foopass mountain passes as well as the visitor centre in Elm. Instead of one week, you can also go on a two or three day tour for partial stretches; or you can include further geo-sites and extend or change the hike as you wish.



Pizol 5-lake hike

The 5-lake hike is an alpine hike through a landscape shaped by glaciers.

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Fessis round hike from Äugsten

Aeugsten can be reached by train from Ennenda near Glarus. The entrance thresholds, information boards and a panoramic viewpoint indicator on the Schafleger provide information about the Sardona World Heritage.

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Murg Lakes Round Tour

Pristine streams, lakes, waterfalls, moor meadows, a rock garden and the protected Swiss stone pine forest reserve at the lower Murgsee: the Murgseen round tour is an unforgettable experience in nature.

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Unesco Sardona - Elm

Round hike Firstboden

This hike is not only accompanied by fabulous views of the Sardona World Heritage Site, but also by an unparalleled diversity of wildflowers.

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Trutg dil Flem

The Trutg dil flem waterway has been awarded the title of Switzerland's most beautiful hiking trail. It is the last section of the Sardona World Heritage Trail.

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GeoPhänomene-Weg@Welterbe Sardona

Geophenomena Trail Kerenzerberg

Giant sinkhole? lake without inlets and outlets? Impressive karst phenomena at the foot of the mighty Mürtschenstock can be admired along the Geophenomena Trail.

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Auf der Via GeoAlpina von Weisstannen nach Elm

Via GeoAlpina

The goal of the transnational Via GeoAlpina is to make geology visible and tangible. Two sections of the route lead through the Sardona World Heritage region.

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