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Piz Sardona

Piz Sardona in the border region of the cantons of St. Gallen, Glarus and Grisons is the namesake of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona.

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A visit to this place is a must for nature lovers, it may well be a place of pilgrimage for earth scientists.

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Martin’s Hole and Tschingelhörner

Legendary rock window in the jagged Tschingelhörner between Elm and Flims

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Rhine Gorge Ruinaulta

The biggest rockslide in the Alps, the Flims rockslide, created today's "Swiss Grand Canyon" 9450 years ago.

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The lower and upper Segnesboden, Plaun Segnas Sut und Sura, are to alpine alluvial planes of national importance.

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Tamina Gorge and the old bath house of Pfäfers

A wild and romantic gorge with its own monumental baroque building: the gorge used to inspire fear from the forces of nature.

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