Support Association World Heritage & Geopark Sardona

The support association is committed to communicating the diverse landscape and rock-forming processes and to strengthening adventure and educational tourism. It promotes the projects on the fascinating geology in the World Heritage Region with the World Heritage Site and Geopark Sardona..

Annual program 2021 (german)

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The association is committed to activities in the fields of geology, mining, rock processing and sustainable use of raw materials.

It organizes excursions and promotes projects related to the Sardona World Heritage Site and its themes. As a promotional association, it is committed to the Sardona World Heritage Site and its incorporation in the public.

Förderverein Welterbe & Geopark Sardona
Städtchenstr. 45
CH-7320 Sargans
Tel. +41 81 725 56 07

The Bord of the Association is composed as follows:

Susanne Elmer-Feuz, Ennenda
Maya Kobi-Largo, Sool (GeoGuide Sardona)
Dr. Tobias Ibele, Ennenda (Geologist)
Christa Jäger, Valens (GeoGuide Sardona)
Harry Keel, Mels (World Heritage Sardona)
Ruedi Zuber, Chur (GeoGuide-Coordinator)
Rosi Böni, Sargans (Director)

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