“Sardona Active” App

Plan your next journey of discovery

The Sardona app for smartphones and tablets is the best companion to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona on your own terms!

With the help of the interactive map and the tour planner, it is a walk in the park to reach the top attractions of the World Heritage and experience them up close.



The descriptions provide a wealth of knowledge about the formation of the Alps, the local geology, the climate and the natural hazards that characterize the beautiful landscape. Experience GeoCulture while visiting exciting exhibitions or while immersing yourself in former mines.

Whether young or old, whether hiker or professional mountaineer, the app offers the right World Heritage adventure for everyone!


Find out how the Alps were formed on experience-packed trails. Discover the traces of former glaciers and become a geologist yourself by examining the rocks of the region. Interactive adventures offer a complete experience for the whole family.


The map gives you a comprehensive overview of all the top attractions as well as the most beautiful viewpoints throughout the world heritage area. The tour planner turns reaching these destinations, according to your preferences, into child’s play.


Numerous museums and exhibition rooms convey exciting knowledge about the Sardona World Heritage Site. Various companies offer impressive tours through former mine tunnels or the interior of power stations. The app provides all the important information regarding directions, exhibition content.


Become a geologist yourself and discover the hot topics of research past and present. Go in search of hidden fossils and touch the magical line of the Glarus Thrust. With the help of the tour planner, you can easily find your way there and access exciting information on site.


Thanks to the latest vector maps, you can enjoy a razor-sharp render on all zoom levels. Depending on the activity and the season, you can choose between different map backgrounds from Swisstopo or OSM

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