Sardona World Heritage Trail

Multi-day mountain hike, the Royal Trail of the Sardona World Heritage

Nowhere in the world are the phenomena of mountain formation more visible than in the border area of the cantons of St. Gallen, Glarus and Graubünden. The 84-km long Sardona World Heritage Trail takes you to the Kerenzerberg along the Mürtschenstock, the Murgseen, the Mühlebachtal, the Flumserberg, the karst area near the Schilsquelle, the fossil sites between Schönbühl, Fanser and Laui-Fürggli, the original Weisstannen and the Calfeisental, the Heubützli and the Foopass as well as the area around the Tschingelhörner between Elm and Flims.

This unique long-distance hike consists of 6 stages – ideal for a week-long hike from accommodation to accommodation. You can also adapt the hike as you wish for two or three-day trips and include other GeoSites. Eurotrek offers the hike with luggage transport from the second stage on.

Detailed description of the hike (german)

Broschure download including Geology

Overnight stay in the Murgseehütte (stage 1)

Offer of Eurotrek (from stage 2)





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