About us – UNESCO-Welterbe Tektonikarena Sardona

Municipalities as carriers

The carrier of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona is a community of interests (IG).

In the IG UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona political municipalities are represented which share the area of the World Heritage perimeter:

In an intermunicipal agreement, these communities have committed themselves to the joint conservation and cultivation of the Sardona World Heritage. The World Heritage Site is to remain accessible and open for appropriate use. The desired uses and a development plan have been defined.

Each World Heritage community is represented by a delegate at the annual delegate assembly. The executive committee of the IG is comprised of the following members:

At the service of mankind

The protection and preservation of the World Heritage shall be placed in the hands of all mankind.
Switzerland also signed the World Heritage Convention. For the IG Tectonic Arena Sardona, the tasks are based on the technical explanations of the programme agreement around the UNESCO World Heritage (Handbook on Programme Agreements in the Environmental Sector, FOEN). Every four or five years, concrete projects are negotiated within the following strategic framework:
According to Art. 13 NHG, funding is in principle the responsibility of the cantons. The FOEN provides financial assistance. The carriers contribute resources and services.


Harry Keel

Managing director and site manager, environmental scientist ETH, management expert SVF, CAS in management of public administration and NPO

Phone. +41 81 723 59 20

Rosi Böni

Project manager, environmental engineer ZHAW

Phone. +41 81 725 56 07

Thomas Buckingham

Project leader, MSc Geologist

Phone. +41 81 723 59 20

Martina Tresch

Project leader World Heritage Experience

Phone. +41 81 531 12 35

Association Geopark Sardona

Association for the promotion of the World Heritage Sardona and Geology

The association Geopark Sardona promotes and supports activities in the fields of geology, mining and rock processing. It supports the promotion of adventure and educational tourism as well as the communication of geological values. As an association for the promotion of the Sardona World Heritage, it strives to establish it amongst the population. The office of the association is managed by the office of the IG Tektonikarena Sardona.

Geopark Sardona, Offices
c/o IG Tektonikarena Sardona
Städtchenstr. 45
CH-7320 Sargans
Tel. +41 81 725 56 07

The board of the Association Geopark Sardona is composed of the following members:

  • Roman Cathomas, Bad Ragaz (President)
  • Anja Beivi, Valendas (Surselva Tourism)
  • Dr. Tobias Ibele, Berschis (Geologist)
  • Roger Berthold, Obstalden
  • Harry Keel, Mels (Connection to Sardona World Heritage)
  • Ruedi Zuber, Chur (Coordinator for GeoGuides)
  • Rosa Böni, Sargans (Managing director)


Breadth of interest groups

The IG Tektonikarena Sardona cooperates with many different interest groups from administration, tourism, education, research, environment and politics. The most important partners are:

The Swiss UNESCO Commission coordinates all the actors involved on a national level, communicates the World Heritage Sites as a whole and raises public awareness of World Heritage values.

The Association World Heritage Experience Switzerland (WHES) is the touristic network for all World Heritage Sites in Switzerland.

The World Heritage Sites of Switzerland bear witness to the richness and diversity of our country.

The World Heritage List shows the worldwide heritage in nature and culture of humanity.

The Association Parks in Grisons is centred around the exchange of experiences and taking advantages of synergies between all parks in Grisons, including the World Heritage. Shared presences are coordinated and the interests of all members represented on a cantonal level.